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Trebird & Marc/Ella


Katie McGinnis attended Buffalo State College for Public Communication. She lives in Buffalo and is the founder of Trebird jewelry. Her jewelry is actually going to be featured in the Marc/Ella show tonight at the Statler. Marc/Ella will have eighteen different looks in the show. This is such a great opportunity for a local designer and we are so excited to see how they incorporated her pieces.

How did you get started?

KG: I started out trying to make spoon rings actually. That failed, so I started making wire-wrapped jewelry. I never was really impressed with the results so I was constantly searching for a new medium. One day my boyfriend Kyle came home from the skatepark and suggested I try making jewelry out of broken skateboards. In May 2013, Trebird was born.
What’s the inspiration for your pieces? 

KG: Inspiration usually comes from anything and everything around me. Honestly, from art festivals to fashion on the streets to the colors of the season really inspire me to create new and unique pieces. A lot of the times it will just come from working on a piece and it transforming into something even I didn’t expect. (Those are my favorite pieces.)
How did you get involved with Marc/Ella?

KG:My good friend, Stephanie Brochey went to college with Jamie Torres of Marc/Ella New York. She is my biggest advocate for my jewelry and loves wearing new pieces. The one day she posted a photo on Instagram and Jamie saw it and from there he asked me to make some pieces for the show tonight!
Where can your pieces be purchased? 

KG: Right now I only sell through Etsy. New pieces will be up after tonight.





Tonight is the night we’ve all been waiting for! The Statler show! It’s going to be an amazing event. I cannot wait to see what the designers have in store for us!

-XO, L.

(Photo Source: Facebook)

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