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The Man Behind the Music: WeJo2.0


Resident DJ WeJo2.0 at Epic Restaurant and Lounge on Elmwood and The Gypsy Parlor is another one of our DJs for fashion week this year.

“This year has definitely been a busy year for me, all the different events and venues giving me the opportunity to show the city something a little different than what its used to. I’ve been around for the past couple years doing house parties and such which is where I developed my style. I try to treat every event like its a giant house party no matter where it is. Its a feeling that everybody enjoys, ya know? That club scene feeling is way too stressful, nobody is stressing at a house party.”

What was your first big gig as a DJ?

WJ: My first big gig was probably closing the Roast of Moe Potter. He was going outta town and farewell party where a bunch of people came up and made fun of him. He ask me and my buddy Nick Majcher to play some tracks between the roasters and have a dance party after. The roast went too long so by time it came to be the dance portion of the night, we got like 3 or 4 songs in before they literally pulled the plug on the sound system. Party Over. Killed it!

What kind of style of music do you focus on?

WJ: I have no one real style of music I like to focus on it really depends on how I’m feeling.  I have a ton of old school hip hop, 90’s Jock Jam stuff, dancehall, alternative, gangster rap, little bit of house and that other electronic mumbo jumbo. I never have any of my sets pre-made, I just wing it so you’ll never hear the same set twice. It really depends on what the crowd is feeling, I kinda cater what I’m playing to whatever the crowd is responsive to.

Do you have a YouTube or website where people can listen to your music?

WJ: No, I don’t but I probably should have some sort of soundcloud page where I can post a few mixes or something. I think there might still be a MySpace page floating around somewhere but I’m not too positive.
What kind of events do you usually do?

WJ: As of late, most of my events are in clubs. I would love to do more things like MBBFW where you have a bunch of people out looking to have fun, enjoying the culture. I also miss the legit house party, we should have more of those in Buffalo, that would be rad.
What events will you be doing during MBBFW?

WJ: I’m doing the Niagara Square photo shoot, The Boutique show, The Main Show for now. There might be some other things that come up so stay posted!

Do you have social media- Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/etc.?

WJ: Social media. I’m not going a lie I definitely sleep on that stuff, I know I should stay up with it because that’s how the world works so I promise to get back with it. The Facebook is WeJo2.0 and you can get to me on twitter @WeJo2020. The twitter is literally a day old, and the Facebook is kind of lackluster… don’t mind the dust.

Fashion week is officially on!! GET EXCITED, and start planning those outfits!

-XO, L.



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