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The Man Behind the Music: DJ Medison


Ever wonder who is behind the music that gets you pumped? Think of a fashion show, it would be nothing without the lights and music- it’s all those elements that make the show a show. One of our djs, thirty year old, Brooklyn based DJ Medison (Steve Rittner), will be spinning at the Statler show on the 26th.

How did you get into music? What inspired you?

SR: I got into music because someone in my family is always playing or singing something. I followed in line with the cello and trumpet and eventually turn tables but i was more of a fanboy than a turntablist. But back before guitars, when playing a violin or piano got the party turned up, is where i tend to start for inspiration.

What kind of style of music do you use in your mixes?

SR: I used to bounce around with trendier genres, and jock them pretty hard but it’s all come back to the foundation and I Aam primarily a house DJ now. It wouldn’t be a medison set without a little surprise here and there so I still use these other influences in my sets just as a reminder and a throwback and to add a bit of ‘spice’- but yeah, Deep house, bassline/jack, NYC/Chicago/Detroit house, ‘Vogue’ house- pretty much anything four to the floor and I’m in it.

Do you have a YouTube or website where people can listen to your music?

SR:  have a youtube but theres no content on it yet, I only use it to troll people from the midwest. (under construction)

Event wise, what do you usually do?

SR: I stay versatile. I spin everything from house parties to fashion shows, big rooms to small rooms. I used to run with a crew called The Queen City Cartel before i had my brief ‘Hiatus of Loneliness tour’ in Brooklyn last year, but we’re actually having a reunion party at the Gypsy Lounge at 376 grant st on 9/28, free, so you should come and see how we get down. Those are the events that I normally did I am sitting back and focusing on creating music rather than events with events being secondary not primary. holler.

 What events will you be dj-ing at during MBBFW?

SR: I’ll be at the statler on 9/26 for the main event, I’ll be the one wearing the don king wig and dancing wildly to the music I hand select as the sexiest $#!& you’ve ever heard.




Facebook II

Tomorrow is the kick off to fashion week with the photoshoot in Niagara Square!! So, a little in advanced, but Happy Fashion Week bloggers!

-XO, L.


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