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Meet the Designer: Nikolai Nalu

rocknroll peopleAs MBBFW approaches, we will keep featuring the designers you can expect to see! Nikolai Nalu is the founder of Rock ‘N’ Roll People. So how did this Denmark native make it big? Keep reading to find out!

Tell me a little bit about yourself and how breakthrough as a designer.
NN: I am 38 years old, born in Copenhagen, Denmark. My background is in sports, music and media. I founded The Rock And Roll Magazine ib 2007, where I started directing photo shoots with international celebrities, and interviewed them. The magazine was given a lot of attention. All the shoots I did were original in the sense that celebrities did photo shoots they had ever done before- edgier and more realistic. I first got into the fashion industry as the managing director of a Danish high end furniture company, and later as an agent for a Los Angeles based jewelry brand. After a few years, I wanted to go back to doing my own stuff, so I put new life into the Rock And Roll Magazine, and started to design clothing. To break through as a designer, I first of all paid attention – then stuck to my guns. Meaning, I pay attention to the market, everything thats going on, to stay informed. When I design my collections, I stay true to what I do, and stand by it.

What is special about Rock’N’Roll People?
NN: RNRP is a crossover brand, between high end street wear, and European fashion/ design. Brands are often either “skateboarding” or “High end”.  I like both worlds equally depending on mood, or an occasion. It feels natural for me to design the way I do.

Where does inspiration for designs come from? Person style, style icons, etc?
NN: Like most “artists” usually answer, I get inspired by everything around me.. Nevertheless, it´s true. I can literally get inspired from a sound, a color, a smell…any kind of vibe. The person that I probably like to get inspired by the most, is Kanye West. There’s something about his style that I really dig. In my eyes, he is always doing everything right, when he styles himself..

Is there a way the public can buy your pieces?
NN: Yes, on – I have an online shop there. I also have 3 stores in Copenhagen Denmark, A Pair, NAG and Maison Neuf.

What will we see with your collection at fashion week this year?
NN:You will see me build a bridge between european fashion, and american streetwear

Find Rock ‘N’ Roll People on social media outlets below:
Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

Also, COMING SOON TO A BLOG NEAR YOU: All about is Brenda Liz- the founder of Marc/Ella who is actually at NYFW as you read this!

-XO, L.


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