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Meet the Designer: Nicole Morris

franci jewelry

You may be asking yourself, “Who is Nicole Morris?” She is the designer behind Franci Jewelry! See how she got started and what you can expect to see from her at this year’s MBBFW.

How did you break into the industry?
NM: Fashion was always apart of my life. My mother was always managing high end retail stores and as I child I went to work with her and played with my barbies in the fitting rooms.  I always say my favorite childhood book was Vogue.  My brother is also a designer so I worked under him for a while before deciding to start my own jewelry line.  When Franci launched I already had a good foundation of experience in the industry.  Networking with the right people was also essential.

What is it about jewelry specifically that you’re drawn to?
NM: What I love most about designing jewelry is that I have an opportunity to completely transform an outfit,  little black dress, or even the way a women feels about them self  with one piece.   My collection shows women another way to accessorize. We are always creating unique pieces that are not just worn in a traditional way.  We always strive to take Jewelry to another level.

When sitting down to design a new piece, what do you think of first?
NM: When I sit down to create a piece I always keep in mind how women will feel when wearing our jewelry.    We have noticed a instant transformation in women when they put on one of our pieces.  Franci will  make you feel powerful and beautiful.

Do you do vendor events or is there a way the public can buy your pieces?
NM: We rarely do vendor events but we have a online store and are available for wholesale nation wide at  We are also available locally at Ms. Eye Candy Boutique on Elmwood and W. Utica.

Want to tell us a little bit about what we will see at the show?
NM: This years show we will launch Franci Couture which is a line I am most passionate about.  We will take you on a high fashion visual journey through jewelry never seen before.  My goal is to go above and beyond anyone’s expectations for a jewelry designer.   You can expect to see the unexpected.

What are your social media outlets (instagram/facebook/twitter/etc)?
NM: Our social media includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and All under user name Franci Jewelry.

Go take a look at Franci Jewelery here! Only 10 days left ’til Fashion Week!

-XO, L.


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