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Meet the Designer: Adjanys Marrerro


Meet our Swimwear designer Adjanys Marrero. Find out how she came to be and what inspires her! Our swimwear event will be hosted at Rendezvous after the main event at the Statler, Thursday September 26.

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your brand.

AM: My name is Adjanys (add-janice)- I always have to clarify the pronunciation for that. I am just a free spirit that loves photography and design. I started a swimwear line called Adjani Couture – Limited Edition Swimwear in 2007 that was hand made crochet swimwear. At that time a was a fashion photographer for a major retailer in Saint Petersburg Florida. When I moved to Buffalo I decided to go back to school for fashion design. It was easy to market swimwear in Florida, not so easy in Buffalo and I needed to be inspired. I never stopped deigning completely, its something that brings me much joy. The show will include some of my past collections as well as my new designs that are not crochet. The new collection is inspired by so many things, it’s hard to point out just one. I love geometrical shapes and swimwear that look modern and futuristic, but also a drew great inspiration form the octopus, squid, jelly and their tentacles.

Why did you start designing swimsuits specifically?

AM: The only two things I ever wanted to design were swimwear and wedding gowns. I love the ocean and water and I’m drawn to it, maybe thats why I specifically love swimwear.

What is unique about your designs? Do you have a signature or inspiration?

AM: It is hard to say my designs are unique. There is so many great designers. I tend to gravitate towards simplicity and clean cuts, yet very modern, solid colors, bold designs. My swimwear is not for the person who wants to blend in.

Your show is being hosted at Rendezvous after the main event on the last night of fashion week. Without giving too much away, what can we expect to see?

AM: During the show you can expect to see evolution of my swimwear label. You will get to see my crochet beginnings and the development of my style and new designs. All in all- crochet swimwear, coverups, sexy mens speedo’s, sexy and modern swimwear, lots of swimwear trends represented in the new collection but always sexy.

Is there any way for the public to purchase your designs? Do you plan on featuring them in any local stores/boutiques in the future?

AM: Right now the swimwear page on my website is being completely revamped… it shall be coming soon.





-XO, L.

(Photo source: Adjanys Marrero Photography)


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