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Communify Buffalo “Show How” Event


Before I tell you about the event going on tomorrow, lets start with an mini blurb about what Communify Buffalo is.

“Formerly known as Buffalo Friends Co‐Op Initiative, began as a Facebook page encouraging widespread use of sharing, exchanging and bartering, as well as creating opportunities to help others in the community. After receiving a tremendous response, creator Stephanie Brochey rebranded and launched as Communify: Buffalo.”

Tomorrow, August 24, Communify Buffalo is hosting their first “Show How” event. At the event, local skilled tradesmen/women, small business owners, and community leaders will be doing presentations about basic repairs and activities in their job fields. (See photo below for presentation schedule!) This is Communify’s second event and it’s main focus is to help Western New Yorkers network and share their knowledge with each other. “There are so many great local businesses and organizations that desire to connect to a larger audience of people, and oppositely, a lot of people who appreciate knowing how to complete simple tasks for themselves. This first Show How will feature some of the people I have personally worked with and have had a great experience with,” said Communify owner, Stephanie Brochey. “We hope to make this a regular event and continue to feature more and more of these people. They are your neighbors; they want to serve you, and they always need some extra support.”

Fashion Week’s hair and makeup director Elizabeth Dugan will be presenting at the event so make sure you stop by and see her!

“Show How” is being held at the 464 Gallery on Amherst St. in Buffalo from 6-9 p.m., presentations will start at 6:30 p.m. There is a $10 cover charge at the door but bring a canned good with you and save $2 on admission! Wine will be served. Attendees will be able to participate in do-it-yourself parts of the presentations! So don’t be shy, have fun, and come out and support Communify Buffalo! For more information about them visit their Facebook here.


-XO, L.

(Photo Source: Stephanie Brochey Creator of Communify Buffalo)


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