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Blush Boutique Comes To The Elmwood Village

blush When it comes to boutique shopping, everyone from Buffalo knows the Elmwood Village is the place to go. Blush opened July 26, 2013 and belongs to Lexie Furlong, our very own Backstage Coordinator, and mother in law Vicky Schaffstall. Lexie has worked with MBBFW for the past four years, but previously lived in New York City. She got to experience the glamorous fashion world lifestyle girls dream about- from DVF shows at Fashion Week to US Weekly parties. There came a point where she knew it was time to make a life changing decision, and moved back home to be with her beau. “I worked for a family owned boutique in NY. I wasn’t just a number there and I liked that. I knew I still wanted to work in fashion, so I decided it was time to move on and start my own business.” Find out how they brought Blush to Buffalo’s famous fashion headquarters.

Why did you decide to open a store in Buffalo? Was your location specific?

LF: When I moved back, my mother-in-law and I went into business and launched our website in 2010. We would host “Blush Bashes” at people’s homes. Kind of like Tupperware parties but with clothes and accessories. We then decided we wanted to expand and open a store. I love Elmwood and I like that the businesses are locally owned. Whenever I was home I would always come here to shop. It was the perfect location.

Do you still host “Blush Bashes” in the store? 

LF: We do! With Blush Bashes you have the opportunity to get different kinds of discounts on merchandise and fun little prizes. It’s definitely a girly and unique event to do with some friends or family!

Does the name Blush have a special meaning?

LF: I saw a quote once. It said, “The girl blushed when a young man whistled as she walked by.” I thought about how when you blush, you desire something, which made me think about desiring clothes. I wrote it on a napkin and when we were picking names Blush really stuck out to me.

The store is so adorably designed. What inspired you? Were there a lot of GIY (glam-it-yourself) projects?

LF: I really wanted it to look like a girl’s closet. For the register area, I actually helped make it with a friend of mine! There was inspiration from Pinterest and some repurposing of old doors, frames, tables, etc. The quotes on the walls are hand painted; a lot of hands were involved which makes the store really personal.

How would you describe your personal style? Would you say that translates to what you pick to feature in the store?

LF: I would say I’m girly, funky, and sporty. And yes, it does help me decide. I think fashion is how you wake up in the morning, what your mood is that day. I also like things that I can wear from day to night just by throwing on heels and accessories. I believe clothes are investments, especially things like jeans and jackets.

Speaking of jeans.. what designers do you carry in the store? What is your price range?

LF: Our jeans are Henry & Belle, they’re a Chicago based company and U.S. made. They’ve been seen on celebrities and there’s a way for the proceeds to go to charity. They are the priciest item we carry, but like I said, jeans are investments that will last! Other than that mostly everything is under $100 and reasonably priced. A couple of other designers we have are BB Dakota, DV by Dolce Vita, and House of Harlow by Nicole Richie. One that isn’t as well known right now is Quay, an Australian sunglasses brand. It has been very popular with customers.

What fall trends are you excited about?

LF: Printed pants for sure, also, coats are always a fall staple. I am excited black and white is staying, and colors like greens and deep purples. Honestly, I think trends can be anything you feel good in.

Are in involved with MBBFW at all this year?

LF: Yes! There will definitely be a presence there. We are going to be at the photo shoot in Niagara Square and vending at the Mansion and the Staler.

blush4-001-XO, L.


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