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All About Beauty

You know those times when what seems to be the most important thing in the world suddenly goes wrong and you’re not sure what to do next? Magnify that feeling times 10. Next, imagine all of the worst possible scenarios. Magnify that feeling times 10. Now come back to center. I’ll wait. Perfect. Welcome back to reality and get to work.

I did what I just described when I found out that our makeup sponsor decided to back out 3 weeks before this year’s show. For 3 months I was planning, negotiating, calling, emailing, planning, prodding, etc. to ensure that this sponsor would be on board. It seemed as though it was the perfect fit for Buffalo Fashion Week, an obvious win-win. For reasons untold, they didn’t feel the same way and I learned a few huge negotiation lessons because of that so-called loss. I found out once the event began, however, that the real loss would have occurred if we actually attained the sponsor. I didn’t know that when they withdrew their sponsorship, of course.

As my beauty assistant Liz and I conducted orientation for our volunteers, I saw many familiar faces from last year as well as new and obviously talented individuals who came to the casting and I had the pleasure to bring on board. While I was talking with a few of the artists, I found out that they finally decided to volunteer their talent once they found out that the makeup sponsor backed out. I mean, I was talking to really talented people here. Talent that I admire and respect because I know the effort and time necessary to create the looks I could only dream to recreate. This is my 8th year in the beauty industry and my makeup skills don’t even come close to some of these artists. So that’s why I run things instead.

Had we obtained an outside makeup sponsor, we would not have been able to acquire the talent we had on board for Buffalo Fashion Week 2012 and have the amazing team help bring it all together. Niagara Square wouldn’t have had the majestic feel that brought the princesses alive. The swimwear show at Lux Nightclub wouldn’t have had a chic club look that everyone envies. The Walden Galleria show wouldn’t have any lucky makeover recipients walking away delighted with their new look. The Delaware Mansion show wouldn’t have had the couture class that encapsulates the looks of the boutiques that showed their designs. The main event at Statler City, well, it would have missed the mark with the avant-garde looks necessary to showcase the beauty of the designers’ looks on the runway. And the designers are tough clients, but we made them all very happy! I can’t thank the makeup artist enough.

Thank you to Nikki Post, Salley Crews, Delcina Butler, Kristen Balascio, Shoranda Iyez, Stephanie Fernandez Baez, Marisa Rybicki, Ashley Soper, Reese Everhart and Stephanie Adam for being makeup sponsors. Special thanks to Neisha Colon and Yasmien Abdullah for providing key makeup support for our designers. Also, Maria Redd for key support and for creating the Barbie beautiful look for Alexis Bellino. Plus, a huge shout out to Christina Marrale of for coming all the way from LA to cover the event! And of course Liz “FabuLiz” Dugan, for being my right hand when I had no limbs. You’re the best, lady!

I can’t wait until next year. That’s all I have to say!

Chrystal Graham

Donald Schwartz-

Donald Schwartz-

Donald Schwartz-

Donald Schwartz-

Donald Schwartz-

Erica Morano Photography


One comment on “All About Beauty

  1. Stephanie
    August 12, 2013

    I cant wait for this Year!

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