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Queen City Gems: Lexie Furlong

Tell us your name and a little bit about yourself and what you do.

My name is Lexie Furlong and I’d be crazy if I didn’t say that I LOVE fashion.  I just bought my first home in West Seneca with my husband Patrick and 2 doggies Marley and Kingston. I have my own business BLUSH. You can shop my fashion website or if you’re local host your own BLUSH BASH in your home with your friends and family.

Where are you from and where did you go to school?

This is always an interesting question because most of my life I’ve always thought of myself as a gypsy. Here’s why: Born in Buffalo, lived in Arizona ages 1-8 then I came back to Buffalo to tour the towns (Cheektowaga, Depew, North Tonawanda, West Seneca.) Each year a new school for this girl. I graduated from West Seneca East then took a spring break job for two months in Cancun, Mexico, following a move to Boston. Being accepted to FIT and FIDM I had to choose NYC or California?! Easy choice for me and I have my fashion merchandising degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Reading that alone makes my head spin but I’d never change my experiences.

What made you realize that you wanted to work in the fashion industry?

As a younger girl I was involved in beauty pageants and my favorite part was being able to wear the most beautiful dresses and unique custom made outfits. Barbie was also a huge inspiration. My favorite past time was picking out clothes and dressing her for pretend events. I started working in retail and began to wonder how I could work in the big office that makes all the descions as I felt I had ideas to be heard. I knew I wasn’t a designer but I always had a knack for helping others create the perfect look for themselves and feel more confident in taking risks in fashion. Taking classes at FIT and working for WINK Retail group showed me that fashion and business is where my career lies.

Tell us more about Blush.

I was living and working in the fashion industry as a director of in New York and having a long distance relationship with my childhood sweetheart from Buffalo. Long distances always result in one person making a sacrifice. Not only did i miss my family but i really wanted to pursue a family life. So I came back to Buffalo to be with Patrick and my mother-in-law Victoria and I launched in September 2010. Blush is my own piece of New York . It’s always great to have a lot of options when you go shopping and I along with others who have left and come back open a retail store. Blush will be opening a store in 2013. The main kick off for Blush aside from the website are the Blush Bashes. We travel to your home and set up all our jewelry, clothing and accessories for you and your guests to shop the Blush closet. The best part is that it’s all cash and carry. I love to watch the girls just wear it out their friend’s door.

What is your favorite part of what you do?

I appreciate every opportunity someone has given me. It’s the people who have believed in me that make me love what I do. I love that I have created my business how I want it. I love that i can be myself. One of the best parts is that my mother-in-law is my partner. We have a lot of fun together and I love teaching her my fashion ways. I smile every time I see a customer wearing one of the pieces I picked out.

How would you describe your personal style?

I really don’t have one set style. I intermix and do a lot of reinventing my closet. I like to take risks and I really love to be comfortable. I love color and mixing prints. Jewelry is a huge part of my style because I don’t feel complete without it.  I LOVE dresses. They are so easy and don’t require a huge amount of styling when I’m in a hurry, I usually throw on a unexpected shoe or headband to add a little funk to my look. I also consider colored lipstick and hats part of my personal style.

What advice would you give someone who wants to get involved in the fashion industry?

GO TO FIT!! Get out of Buffalo to explore the New York Fashion scene. The resources are incredible as well as the doors that will open for you. Take the time to people watch and appreciate everyone’s individual style. For me, another girl’s style can be your inspiration. That is my business quote. Learning from others who are involved in fashion or art can really expand your creative mind. Don’t ever think “I CANT WEAR THAT” because you can. Confidence makes your outfit look 100 percent better. Take as many internships as you can and never be shy. Networking is key. Beware because it is a cut throat industry and your shopping budget will increase. Don’t ever give up on your dreams because your life is what you make of it. There may be some struggles along the way but they help you to appreciate life a whole lot more.

What is your favorite trend for the upcoming season?

I really have been loving the colored jean trend to spice up the average everyday bottom look and I’m excited it’s continuing through the fall with more deep autumn colors. I also love that hats are still trending as that statement piece to create a new look while keeping warm for the fall/winter. I am also really into vintage and taking past pieces or a particular style and making it work with my current style. I’m excited for this spring. I love colors and all the pretty florals and intense prints that will be coming out. I can’t wait to mix floral and bohemian styling pieces. Flower child gone feminine for LEXIE this spring!

I want to give a special thank you to Lauren Byrd who brought me on board for the last 3 years as a stylist, coordinator and model director. She is someone who definitely takes risks and I admire her for that. She is a breath of fresh air to work with in the fashion industry here in buffalo and that is why this event keeps growing every year. She built Mercedes Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week from the ground up and I am so honored to have been chosen by her to be part of the magic. Love you Lauren. Xo



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