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Jimmylee of TTNY

Everyone knows where to go when they need a prom dress, homecoming dress of, any outfit for a fabulous occasion, they should go to TTNY featuring designs by owner Jimmylee. He is graduate from the Buffalo State Fashion Program and has been a major player in the Buffalo fashion scene for several years. But beyond dresses, Jimmylee and his boyfriend Ashely Steinfeld have created a great under garment piece called The Motivator.

Jimmylee describes it as “tone-wear made for men and women at that puts the your body back into life!”  The product will be relaunching soon so keep a lookout for it when you are  searching for some great shape wear.  Unlike most other products, it is designed to take what you already have, and make it work for you, rather than try and hide it from the world. Instead of making the dress do all the work, it makes it so your body already looks good, so your dress can focus on making you looking even better. The Motivator has been Jimmylee’s longest project, but also the one he is most proud of. He feels that “it is important to be excited about life and your inner beauty” and by creating The Motivator, he is able to get even closer to his client’s inner beauty, which is what he is all about.

Although it is not all about inner beauty, Jimmylee’s stores are full of beautiful gowns that can strengthen anyone’s inner beauty to make their outer beauty shine even brighter and full of more confidence. Right now his gowns are 80% made in America and 20% made overseas, but one of his goals is to have them all 100% constructed in America. One of his favorite gowns that he is showing at the runway event at Statler City on Thursday September 27th is being shown below worn by Ally Berry who will be walking in Jimmylee’s show at Statler City as well as the Boutique Show at the Delaware Mansion. He describes it as “a little bit vintage.”

For Jimmylee, his inspiration changes daily. But the idea of making someone feel really in control and allow their inner beauty to come out, because you feel better when you look good is really what he is all about and what drives him to make better and better products for his clients. “Although were all different on the outside, were all gods little person on the inside.” He strives to work with everyone he can, and makes things in sizes XS- 3X.

Jimmylee has been involved in Buffalo Fashion Week since its first year and is the most excited about this year because of our theme of luxury. And it goes back to the basics or “101” of fashion, which is making things that are practical, simple, elegant, and classy. Not only is he a designer this year, but he is also a very important sponsor. Its his favorite year and he is full of happiness and excited for a year of change!

“This is Buffalo’s chance to see what fashion is about, what we are about, and to show the best that we have to the rest of the world. And I am thrilled to be a part of it.” -Jimmylee

Also be sure to keep a lookout for Jimmylee’s new model search television series on ME.TV!!


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