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Mercedez Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week, Last Year to Today – A Hair Team’s Perspective, by Nicholas Corto

Last year I get the phone call from Lauren [Byrd, MBBFW Coordinator] asking us ( to be apart of Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week and after speaking to her for about 10 minutes on the scale of this show, knew this was going to be a hit. This could be a great outlet for our girls to get out of the salon and express themselves creatively with a show dedicated to high-end fashion. Not often are we given these kinds of opportunities, so what ever means to make this happen, I was determined to get it done. What made it more difficult was that I only had less than a month to share the news, and coordinate with our managers to schedule enough stylists to be able to execute the show. Was it possible?

What I was met with was an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm from our team about wanting to know more. What made this even possible was due to our teams trust in management, and the motivation and passion in their craft and willingness to showcase their work on the big stage.

Mercedes Benz of Buffalo Stage Prior to Show, 2011 – Buffalo Convention Center

They were excited, but still curious and unaware of the magnitude of the shows, which they would soon make significant contributions. This question was immediately answered upon arrival to the Buffalo Convention Center, seeing a massive stage, backstage, sound checks, dozens of beautiful models, a frenzy of clothing and cameramen setting up.

HVS, Show 1, Buffalo Fashion Week 2011

The Corto’s Hair Team was assigned with the task of doing hair for the 1st and 5th(and final) designer to grace the runway. The first designer was “House of Versatile Styles”

(Left to Right) Corto’s – South Buffalo Location’s Senior Stylists, Bushra Selah and Katie Barr

Our team immediately got to work. The designers hardly gave us any advance notice to illustrate their vision for hair and makeup, so our team was challenged with the task of being creative on the fly, and work as a team to each other’s strengths.

Also present was our estheticians led by Holly Hutchings and helping achieve this look for stage.

Half way through, the Corto’s team led the 20 minute intermission entertainment and chose to demonstrate quick and fun styles that attendees could learn for the upcoming fall season.

With the end of the show almost approaching, our team had but one more designer… and this was anything but a cake – walk! Laurence Pizzi, who was extremely creative and enjoyable to work with, put our team to the task of creating the look of “Fallen Angels”, combining the use of wigs on both male and female models, as well as shimmering metallic paint to give the majestic ‘heavenly’ appeal.

The result? Lawrence stole the show and his showcase was outstanding!

Corto’s Salon Owner/Stylist Dominic Corto, alongside his wife and Co-Owner, Peggy Corto (driver’s seat), Lead Technician, Claire Sumbrum (center) and Senior Stylist Katie Barr (left).

So what’s in the plan this year?

Well once again, many styles will remain a mystery until a few days before the shows. What we do know so far is this. The show is going to be much more luxury focused and therefore the hairstyles will correspond with simple elegance. This year’s photo shoot kickoff theme centers around “The Modern Day Princess”.

Corto’s will also be heading up the hair team exclusively, taking on the task of all 5 designers at the main event and 5 events including the Lux Swimwear Show, The Delaware Mansion Boutique Show, the official Fashion Week photo shoot outside of City Hall, and of course the Main Event, held this year at Statler City. Makeup will be achieved in part with some Corto’s makeup artists, along with several freelance artists across WNY. Corto’s will also have a few surprises in store for our on-stage performance during intermission.

We encourage everyone to check out the hair and makeup at this years shows. It’s positioned to be the best show yet! For tickets, go to

Nicholas Corto & Claire Sunbrum


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