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Mansion on Delaware Boutique Runway Show: Modern Nostalgia

The owner of one of the best boutiques on Hertel Ave, Bri, has been working in the fashion industry for many years. It was easy for her to decide that this was what she wanted to do with her life. She says, “This has always been my passion and I am very blessed that I get to do it for a living.”

After going to Buffalo State College and FIT, she accumulated degrees in Business and Fashion Merchandising Management. But before opening up her shop, she worked for companies like Ralph Lauren, Theory, J. Crew, Banana Republic, and Movado, getting to experience all aspects of the fashion industry.

Out of tragedy came a blessing when Bri was able to open her own store. She moved back to Buffalo after ten years of being away when her husband passed away. Being a single parent now, she did not want to miss out on her daughter growing up, so she decided she wanted to work for herself and, realized she had always wanted to own her own business anyways.

“I love clothing, things, and all things pretty! It is my passion to share my story, make others feel great about themselves, and play dress up!“-Bri K

Working in Modern Nostalgia, Bri loves to dress and outfit her clients, “It’s the best feeling to know that I helped make someone feel good about themselves…added confidence”. She also tries to provide her clients with special pieces that have the potential to become staples in their closets.

Her style includes adding classic pieces with twists, and you can find that influence in every piece in her store. Besides having great style though, Bri believes that her pieces should have a story about them, something that the person who purchases them will be able to pass along to people interested in their clothing. Knowing a little something about where it came from or how it was produced can make someone love that piece of clothing even more.

Above all her inspiration and her passion are driver by her five year old daughter, Lolla. She makes her business the best it can be, so if Lolla decides she wants to follow in her mothers footsteps, she will have a great boutique to do it with.

“I truly love all that I do, my clients and their stories are my very best part. There is no hard part, I love , love, love what I do and am so blessed.”


Check out our fall trends video with Modern Nostalgia and KC You There here!

1382 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14216
(716) 844-8435

You can see Modern Nostalgia at the boutique show this Tuesday at the Mansion on Delaware Avenue. Limited tickets are available at the door.



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