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Mansion on Delaware Boutique Runway Show: Anna Grace

Joanne Dina, owner of Anna Grace , moved to Buffalo many years ago from Marlboro, NY. Although she was always interested in fashion, her education led her something totally different. When it was time for Joanne to make a decision about where her life was headed, she remember how much she loved fashion and decided to take a leap of faith in herself and start working on opening up Anna Grace.

She considers her shop her biggest accomplishment in the fashion industry. Anna Grace has been open for about 6 years and has made it through all the struggles they have endured, mostly because of her loyal customers, and her growing customer base. Joanne says, “I feel very fortunate for this and to actually have so much fun in the process!”

Style for Joanne depends on her mood and the season. Overall she describers her style as minimalist, and she tends to gravitate toward updated classics and more versatile pieces. She uses her accessories to give her a little more edge, or a little more femininity. She tries to avoid the major fashion trends of the day to avoid the “what was I thinking pictures” that she sees from her past!

When thinking about advice she would give to people trying to enter any aspect of the fashion industry, she says just go for it!  Joanne advises, “Whether someone wants to get involved locally or make it in a place like New York, I would say that motivation and persistence, and perhaps a lot of patience, are key to any type of success. There’s no doubt that it’s a tough and competitive industry.”

During her busy life, she does find time to shop for herself though as most fashionistas do, whether it is while she is shopping for Anna Grace or just staying in the city, she says that she tries to keep it local, “We have a lot of great boutiques and shopping right here in the city. Really, you can get almost anything you need here from clothing, jewelry, and gifts, to furniture, art, and home décor. The selections are great and we all try to support one another.

“I love that we have a Fashion Week! I am so excited to be a part of it and to showcase our collections! It’s great that designers, retailers, and all lovers of fashion can get together and celebrate fashion all week long!”

799 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
ph: 716.332.7069
fax: 716.332.7072


You can see Anna Grace at the boutique show this Tuesday at the Mansion on Delaware Avenue, as well as shop the collection at the main runway event at Statler City Thursday, September 27th.



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