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Mansion on Delaware Boutique Runway Show: Leelee Boutique

Lisa Keating is the owner of the Leelee Boutique located in Williamsville. She might not be the first person you think of to open up a business dedicated to fashion. She grew up in Lewiston, New York and then left her hometown to study in Boston at Wellesley College and obtained degrees in Economics and Political Science. When she was finished she decided to come back to Western New York for law school.

Although she was busy studying other subjects during her years in school, Lisa has always loved fashion and putting time aside to study the latest trends in magazines. She can remember being interested in it even as a little girl and taking shopping trips to New York City. When she was older, Lisa never forgot her passion for fashion, and after practicing as a business attorney for 15 years, she decided to put her knowledge of business to the test by opening up Leelee.

Looking back on her experiences, she knows that she has learned a lot and would tell others that, “Fashion is like any other business. It is challenging and can be rewarding. You have to start at the bottom and find you niche. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.”

As if obtaining a law degree and practicing for 15 years was not a big enough accomplishment for one person, she also has built her 2,500 square foot clothing store from scratch. It now has over 25 lines, many that have not been seen in Buffalo before she introduced them.

Her style may not be typical of many other boutique owners you find. Instead of going for a “look”, Lisa likes to go for what just looks good on her. She says, “I am just as comfortable in casual boyfriend jeans and cashmere sweaters as I am in a one shoulder cocktail dress.” You can see her style in her store which she states as a, “complete representation of my style!” She tries to make sure there is something for everyone in her store from teens to adults.

But perhaps her philosophy is what makes customers want to return again and again to the Leelee boutique, “I don’t stick to one style, I find it limiting. Clothes should be an expression of you and how you feel.”

When she is traveling out of town, she loves to look around and think of new and different things that she can bring back to Buffalo and Leelee. If she has time to shop around her home town she loves to check out the boutiques in Ellicottville, and says she could not do without Reeds/Jenss.

“We are so excited to be included in the event and we hope to show all that Leelee has to offer under one roof!” – Lisa Keating

You can find Leelee at:
5444 Main Street
Williamsville, NY 14221



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