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Garrett Green, founder of ONE ROQ VODKA, the first truly American vodka. /Photo courtesy of Google Images

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your company

My name is Garrett Green and I am a passionate and practiced entrepreneur within the marketing & consumer goods space. I launched my first product when I was a freshmen in college (2004) and the business has spider webbed since. Today, my company, Green & Co. is a professional researcher, developer and marketer of consumer brands, operating products in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage, as well as dietary supplements and footwear.

Some of my company’s more well-known products include Pure Energy® Drink, SmartCeuticals, ONE ROQ® VODKA, aquaTHIN Weight Loss ® Formula, and Shoe Skin ® shoe covers. We have several new products being introduced in 2013.

What places is ONE ROQ available right now?

  • All major liquor stores (smaller liquors stores can bring the product in on request)
  • Many fine restaurants and night clubs such as: ‘, Buffalo Chop House, Siena, Encore, Soho, Bottoms Up, Ricks On Main, David’s Grill, Tratoria Aroma, Left Bank, Mothers, 31 Club, Thirsty Buffalo and Snooty Fox

What makes ONE ROQ® unique from other vodkas?

ONE ROQ is distilled from rare glass (not metal) and distills from handpicked Iowa corn & Colorado mountain spring water. It is one of the first gluten, sulfite & sodium free vodkas of its kind.

ONE ROQ® is one of the first genuine Premium-American vodka’s ever to be introduced in the history of the category and was researched, designed and developed in Buffalo, NY.

What awards has ONE ROQ won?

  • First Place Gold Medal – ONE ROQ Reserved, 2012 SIP
  • Silver Medal – ONE ROQ Standard, 2012 SIP
  • Silver Medal – ONE ROQ Raspberry, 2012 SIP
  • Silver Medal – Package Design, 2012, SIP

What is your favorite drink to make with ONE ROQ?

  • ONE ROQ Reserved Martini (Cherry Garnish)
  • ONE ROQ Golden (ONE ROQ Standard, pineapple, sprite, tea, lemon garnish)
  • ONE Raz & Seven (ONE ROQ Raspberry & a sweet bubbly mixer)



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