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Queen City Gems: Krista Schultz

Tell us a little about yourself-

I am a resident of Snyder, New York and I own Initially Yours Boutique.  I feel I have a very unique career; I am an accountant and a fashion designer.  I find both of my backgrounds help me achieve my business and fashion goals.  As a child I was always dressing my dolls, doing their hair and quite frankly, I never liked the “Off the Rack” doll clothes, so I would alter everything that came out of the box.  I created my own couture by the age of five (my young daughter is doing the same). I just watch from afar as I walk down the hall by her bedroom and cannot wait until she opens her door and allows me to peek at her imaginative creations!  Currently I am super busy re-building my beloved Boutique Initially Yours in Snyder, New York.  Our original location was destroyed by a horrific fire on 12/28/11.  I have been recreating EVERYTHING for the last 9 months.

How did you get your start in the fashion industry?

I got my start in the fashion industry when I was seven years old when I started modeling.   I did runway, trunk shows, hair salon, and print ad throughout high school and college.  When I was in high school, I was offered a unique opportunity to be a Junior Buyer at Jenss Department Store.  I gained valuable experiences and traveled often to NYC for buying trips.

Each trip to NYC, it became harder and harder to leave the city so I decided to enroll in the fashion design and merchandising program at The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.  I was able to balance both career and studies, because I truly loved what I was doing.  I did internships at Adrienne Vitadinni, Michael Kors, and worked in the visual design area of the United  Colors Of Benetton. The #1 thing I learned at my internship is never get too many opinions.  Go with what you like and make it yours! Fashion is very personal and each person is unique!

What inspired you to open your boutique?

My inspiration to open my boutique was to be able to share my unique style with others.   I love helping a bride accessorize her bridal party, I adore helping the 5 year old heading to a BFF birthday party on a Saturday morning pick out the perfect gift!!  It’s fabulous helping a first time grama pick out a precious treasure!  I love what I do and I wouldn’t change a thing !

What are some of your career highlights?

My career highlights would be too many to write down…..  I love everything I do, from designing the walls in my boutique, to designing a new piece of jewelry.  I love doing displays in my store, helping our customers find the perfect gift and then wrapping it for them.  Seeing the reaction on a happy customers face is truly the highlight of my career.   Seeing someone wearing one of my designs is the BEST!

Tell me more about your jewelry designs-

My jewelry designs are mainly huge chunky bracelets and my necklaces have their own unique edge from the scraps that evolve from my bracelet designs that weren’t up to my specifications   I am inspired by anything silver and gold.  Each precious metal has its own shining quality and I love mixing then both. I rarely follow the trends…..  I like to take a trend and make it my own!! I am very brand loyal and many of my treasures in my closet I have owned for years.  I just update them as I see fit.

What are some of the changes you’ve seen in Buffalo since you’ve returned?

Well when I first came back to Buffalo, Taylors Department Store was opening and I thought for sure this was going to be the turning point for Buffalo… Unfortunately I was wrong.  The turning point has only come over the past few years when people who have left the area to pursue other avenues or have left to continue their studies have decided to return and share their time, talents and fashions with their hometown!  I am seeing a total fashion revitalization!

Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

Locally my favorite places to shop are Anna Grace, Homeward Bound, Lee Lee, Shoe Fly, Half and Half, and of course, my boutique.  (We support local artisans and I love their amazing creations).

Make sure to visit Initially Yours in 4511 Main St. in Snyder, NY! Stay tuned for our next post!



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