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Queen City Gems: Christine White

Note: For the first in our series on Buffalo’s finest in the fashion industry, I spoke with Christine White, blogger and PR gal, who’s originally from West Seneca, NY. This summer, we’ll speak with many others who are from Buffalo and are working in the fashion industry! -ER

Tell us your name and a little about yourself and what you do

My name is Christine White and I currently live in NYC with my husband Jon and work full-time in global public relations for NARS Cosmetics.

Where are you from and where did you go to school?

I am originally from West Seneca, NY and I hopped around colleges a bit until I figured out what it was I really want to do. I started pre-med (my dream since age 3) at the University of Pittsburgh. After realizing my creativity needed to be part of day to day job and career, I switched gears 180 and packed my bags for NYC to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology to study marketing and advertising communications.

What made you realize you wanted to go into the fashion industry?

As I eluded to, I had always wanted to be a doctor, a pediatrician actually. I took all of the advanced high school courses and was 100% confident medicine was what I was going to devote my life to. I should have known better, because as a child I would spend hours sketching and stenciling with this fashion kit I had wear you could create mix and match outfits. I was 90% through my freshman year of college when I had a hard chat with myself after a particularly hard biology exam. I wanted to be  doing something that allowed me to be creative – and I had always thought about fashion and beauty as a career, but as a suburban kid from Buffalo, those dreams seems lofty, slightly foolish and not all that practical. So I convinced my parents that marketing was a career path that would afford me a wealth of opportunity, and NYC was where the opportunities were. The rest is history!

Tell us more about your blog, and how you incorporate fashion, decor, and design in one blog:

court + hudson is the intersection of style and inspiration that touches many forms. Whether it be my personal style, fashion trends, interior design and decor, food, design and so forth – each play such a major role in my life that I couldn’t possibly focus on just one. I’ve always been the go-to girl amongst my friends and wanted to bridge style and inspiration in such a way that it was tangible for my readers. My blog definitely skews more towards fashion since it’s something I’m obviously involved in day in and day out and also dictates how much free time I have, but when there is a spare moment I like to DIY, cook and decorate. I have a few home pieces I’m excited about restoring for some future posts!

What do you miss most about Buffalo? 

Welll it is my hometown, so naturally my family. I don’t see them as often as I would like, but it is always SO SO nice to come home to my parents and brother and my childhood house – there will never be anything quite like that feeling, which I love.

Where are some of your favorite places to stop at when you’re visiting?

So, my favorite places to visit usually depend on how long I am home for. And with my husband in tow, it usually means we are eating. We MUST have pizza (because there is nothing quite like Buffalo pizza), Mighty Taco, and a sub from Wegmanns. In terms of actual shopping, the discount stores (like TJs and Marshalls) always have such a great selection of pieces that you cannot find in the city. I know it sounds crazy, but suburban locations have less foot traffic so they usually have killer steals on designer items, especially handbags.

I love Reimagine on Elmwood for vintage home finds. I don’t usually end up buying unless we are road tripping it back to the city, but they have a great affordable selection of mid-century modern pieces. If I lived in the area, I would be in trouble! Second Chic is my favorite for consignment and vintage pieces. I scoped up a bunch of amazing sundresses when I was there a few months ago and I’m itching to see what they’ll have out for fall. They always have such a gorgeous selection!

What advice would you give someone just starting out who wants to get involved in the fashion industry?

Don’t be afraid to reach out to people for informational interviews. I am always thoroughly impressed when people reach out to me simply just to chat. Certainly you have to remain respectful of their time and position, but from experience people are usually happy to help if you keep it under 30 minutes.

How would you describe your sense of style? 
When I was first asked this question I struggled for a good long while to define my sense of style. Mostly because, my style is 100% me but that also means it isn’t easily cataloged under one umbrella. So I like to call it chameleon. One day it’s feminine and bohemian with flowy skirts and soft neutral tones, the next its edgy and chic with architectural pieces and tailored lines and then its whimsical and bright. I love being able to experiment, but one style I am definitely not, is preppy. I can’t rock it and feel like an imposter when I even come close to attempting!

Make sure to visit Christine’s blog, Court + Hudson, the intersection between style and inspiration! Stay tuned for our next post, where I speak with Emily Burns Perryman.



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