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Gwen Beloti Collection

“Style is but one of our defining attributes, our being is the ultimate definition of our style”. Gwen B.

Gwen Beloti is a womenswear fashion designer, born, rasied and based out of New York City. She has always been fond of things with style, and playing dress up. Gwen grew an appreciation for femininity and is inspired by how much fun a woman can have being fashionable; be it simple or extraordinary.

After receiving a master’s degree in psychology, she decided to enter the fashion world. Through trial and error she taught herself the art of designing a piece of clothing and then decided to take herself more seriously.

Her passion led her to return to school and study at the Fashion Design Training Studio in New Jersey. Gwen also attended the New York School of Design. When she felt ready, she introduced the Gwen Beloti Collection. The Collection is built on the theory that today’s woman aspires to be classic but trendy, edgy yet tasteful, and distinctive while still collective.

“Fashion many times is misunderstood, but quality is always appreciated”.

You can view Gwen Beloti’s Spring/Summer 2013 designs live at the Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week VIP Show in the Golden Ballroom at Statler City. Tickets go on sale Thursday August 9th. Please check our  website for more details.


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