Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week

The official blog of Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week. September 19-27, 2013. info(at)buffalofashionweek(dot)com

Dowry Designs

Christy Holzer of Dowry Designs was born and raised in Manhattan. Before realizing her passion for designing clothes while overseas, she studied architectural design at Princeton University and then moved to Shanghai. Her collection is inspired by the contrast between east and west, and modern versus traditional. Along with her personal eclectic style, it creates the foundation for Dowry Designs. She hopes to create a wardrobe designed for a woman who wants to be both a “CEO and a trendsetter.”


Dowry Designs was founded in 2009, specializing in custom design for private clientele. The brand has since expanded to ready-to-wear, debuting its first Spring/Summer 2011 collection in luxury boutiques across the US.

You can view Dowry Designs Spring/Summer 2013 designs live at the Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week VIP Show in the Golden Ballroom at Statler City. Tickets go on sale Thursday August 9th. Please check our  website for more details.


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