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Chic and Sweet Celebrates their 1st Anniversary

myself and owners Annemarie and Zachary, and baby August

One of my favorite neighborhood boutiques, Chic and Sweet, celebrated their 1st anniversary with a party and partnership with The American Heart Association. I spoke with owner Annemarie Schneider about the anniversary and what we will be seeing for fall.

Tell me about what prompted you to open your store-

I really loved fashion and I really wanted to contribute to back the local community. Elmwood Ave was already really established, so we saw Hertel Ave as a great opportunity and there was so much prime real estate available. We decided to come here and we’re so happy because the community has just rallied around us and really given us a lot of support and there’s great stores. Collectively, I think we’re all bringing it back to life.

Tell me a little more about the 1st anniversary party and your partnership with the American Heart Association-

We decided to do an anniversary party because we had such a great year we wanted to say thank you to the community for really supporting us and welcoming us to the area, especially to Hertel. The American Heart Association is all about women and our store caters to women. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women. We felt it important to bring awareness to the subject and to showcase them since we do cater to women, and we wanted to celebrate and give back. The whole month of August a portion of the proceeds will go to the American Heart Association.

What trends have you been seeing for fall?

We’ve been seeing a lot of royal blue, the hi-low is still going to be in effect, bright colored patterned tights/leggings, big cable knit (almost overwhelming) sweaters, colorblocking still going to be there in fall colors.

What brands do you carry that are exclusive to the area?

Our brands change constantly and we’re always looking for new collections to bring into the store. We keep the turn of merchandise always going so you’re not seeing stuff all over the place because everybody has it. We try to keep items available so someone can come in and spend $20 or $100 on a shirt; we carry a range of sizes (2-16) and for a age range.

Sao Paulo our of Amsterdam create a really beautiful line, which is very well made.

NUE by Shani is a NYC designers whos items are made in NYC. She puts shapewear inside all of her clothes, so if you don’t want to wear Spanx, it’s already built in.

Lily makes really great prints and silhouettes. We also have Lily Blue who makes really great sweaters, and Sisters.

You can visit Chic and Sweet online or visit them at 1453 Hertel Ave.



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